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About Me

Hey there! I’m Maurizio “Mazory808” Pennisi, a Hip-Hop Producer Born on July 23, 1997, in Wuppertal, Germany. My journey in music production has been a thrilling ride filled with creativity and innovation.

I take immense pride in my work, having already collaborated with some incredible artists, including Burgos, Duzoe, MXP, Zombiez, and many more. Together with Duzoe, we made waves in the german music scene, charting at an impressive #4 on the German Hip-Hop Charts with the album “watchmeburn“. Additionally, the album “KATHARZIZ” by Zombiez also found its place at #4 on the German Hip-Hop Charts. Working with such talents has fueled my dedication to producing music that speaks volumes.

My musical inspiration draws from the raw emotions of Emo and the edgy vibes of Trap music. I’ve honed my craft, specializing in crafting guitar-infused beats, while also exploring a wide spectrum of genres.

As a producer, my mission is simple: I want my beats to reflect my passion for music and be a canvas for artists like you to paint their stories. I’m here to provide you with top-tier Hip Hop beats that elevate your artistry and breathe life into your creative vision.

Let’s connect through the universal language of music.